The Number Three

On January 11, 2023 – 389 days or the 390th day since God inspired the last destination on this trip, He inspired me to choose a date to stay in Jericho in the West Bank. I was led to May 7–8, 2023, just under four months away.

One week later on January 18, God brought Auschwitz to mind for a 48th time, and I was led to May 9, 2023 as the date to visit it – exactly 111 days or precisely 3 months and 3 weeks away! Remarkably, May 9 is Lag Ba’Omer – the 33rd day of the Omer – the 50-day count between the Feast of First Fruits and the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot), or Easter and Pentecost in Christianity. So, God inspired this visit to Auschwitz exactly 3 months and 3 weeks out from the 33rd day of the Omer in Judaism! But, the coincidences (they’re not coincidences) didn’t end there!

This visit to Auschwitz occurs precisely three years to the day since my 3rd visit to Auschwitz on May 9, 2020! (Or 3 years and 3 days in the Hebrew calendar). And to top it off, the trip was currently due to last 33 days (April 22 – May 24, 2023, numbering each day from 1 to 33).

These are not coincidences. They are the clear hand of God at work! If you don’t believe it, then you are not being honest with yourself! You are denying the truth because you don’t like the message. God is real, and He wants you to know it! I am simply the messenger – not the author of the message itself. As the old adage goes, don’t shoot the messenger! I am simply relaying to you what God has done. What you do with it after that is up to you.

To put it in context, Israel was created with 33 votes on the 333rd day of the year, and I was 33 years and 33 days old on the day that God inspired my first trip to Israel! Jesus Himself was around 33 years old at the time of His death and resurrection.

So what is the meaning of the number three in Christianity? The most obvious answer is that it relates to the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. All three are one. Jesus Himself was raised on the third day.

There was another set of interesting coincidences relating to this visit.
May 9, as mentioned earlier, is Victory in Europe Day for both Israel, Russia and some other Eastern bloc countries, marking the end of World War Two in Europe. Thus, to be visiting Auschwitz on such an auspicious day is intriguing. Perhaps God is trying to say that He was the one who rescued the Jews from the Holocaust, and brought the war to an end. Or maybe it was Jesus? Who knows! Maybe Jesus rescued the Jews from the Holocaust – the one whom they rejected! Wouldn’t that be an irony! But it again shows the great love and forgiveness that God shows towards not only the Jews, but to all people.

And finally, there were some other coincidences relating to the number eighteen – an auspicious number in Judaism. This visit occurs on the 18th day of my trip (or the 18th day since the last visit to Auschwitz), on the 18th of Iyyar in the Hebrew calendar, and was inspired on January 18. Perhaps God is targeting this particular message to Jews themselves, rather than the general populous! This is just my interpretation of the message. There could be others, and there could be things I have missed as well.

January 18 also happened to be day 700 since my first proposed baptism on February 18, 2021.

Itinerary: April-May 2023

Day: Inspired: Dates: Location: Days:
1 Dec 13, 2020 Apr 22, 2023 Visit Auschwitz 32
14-15 Jan 1, 2021 May 5-6 Eilat, Israel
16-17 Jan 11, 2023 May 7-8 Jericho, West Bank
18 Jan 18, 2023 May 9 Visit Auschwitz
24-28 Dec 18, 2021 May 15-19 Jerusalem
30-33 Jan 6, 2021 May 21-24 Whitmore Lake, MI, USA

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