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Auschwitz on Shavuot - Part 2

Five weeks later on Shavuot, on what was to be the last day of this trip on May 26th, and having spent the last seven months living in hotels and motels trying to find permanent accommodation, I made an interesting discovery. I had left my last place of residence on October 7, 2022, which, as it happened, was the date of another visit to Auschwitz. As it turned out, it was precisely 33 weeks from October 7, 2022 until May 26, 2023 – the date of my latest visit to Auschwitz. I wouldn’t have discovered this if God hadn’t prompted me to inquire about a property that I had previously rejected about 10 days earlier in my head. That’s when I realised that both dates were visits to Auschwitz, ending on Shavuot. But then it got even more interesting. As it happened, both visits to Auschwitz were inspired on a Friday after nightfall (the beginning of the Sabbath Day), and both were due to occur on a Friday. These were the only two visits to Auschwitz that fell that way. That is not an acciden