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Auschwitz & The Two Jewish Temples

This story is a continuation of an earlier post here: As it happens, this 50th visit to Auschwitz was inspired exactly 1,350 days since God first inspired me to choose a date to visit Auschwitz on Saturday, August 10, 2019. That works out to be an average of one visit being inspired every 27 days, although it didn’t work out that way in practice. Both the 1st and 50th visits to Auschwitz were inspired on the Sabbath Day (Saturday, 9 Av, 5779 – Friday, 1 Iyyar, 5783, after nightfall). The 9th of Av being the typical day that Jews mark the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem, about 600 years apart. In 2019, however, the day was observed one day later due to it coinciding with the Sabbath Day. Interestingly, in Jewish tradition, the 1st of Iyyar is the day that construction began on the Second Temple! (Ezra 3:8). Construction of the First Temple also began in the second month of Iyyar, ac