The Number Three - Part II

Ten days later on January 28 – day 777 since God inspired this trip on December 13, 2020, He brought Auschwitz to mind for a 49th time, and I was led to May 11, 2023 as the date to visit it. As it turned out, May 11 falls exactly 7 weeks to the day since the start of the Jewish religious year on March 23 (Nisan 1 – as mandated in Exodus 12:2). This was the seventh location that God had added to this trip.
It was also now the third visit to Auschwitz on the same trip, falling on the third day since the last one.

This visit was inspired on the 6th of Shevat in the Hebrew calendar, and as it happens, there was one other visit to Auschwitz that God also inspired on the 6th of Shevat exactly two Hebrew years earlier (January 19, 2021).
These two visits were inspired 33 visits apart (The 16th and 49th respectively), and were to occur almost precisely 33 months apart (May 11, 2023 – February 10, 2026). Until this new visit was inspired, the 16th visit that God inspired was actually the 33rd to occur in chronological order! So there are some very complex calculations going on here! It’s not something that I would bother to sit down and work out myself!

I guess the point of what God is trying to prove here, is that not only is He real, but He’s trying to prove that He is the source behind these trips and messages. And He’s using biblical and non-biblical numbers to do it. In this particular case, He’s used both the numbers three and seven – both biblical numbers. But He’s also using aspects of the Bible and popular culture to do it – I guess whatever works! In a way, it validates some aspects of the Bible as being divinely inspired, but more importantly, it validates God as being real. And I think that is the more important message. Whatever you think of the Bible, it is the love, knowledge and forgiveness of God that really matters. That is the true message of the Bible, and one we should all take to heart. 

Itinerary: April-May 2023

Day: Inspired: Dates: Location: Days:
1 Dec 13, 2020 Apr 22, 2023 Visit Auschwitz 32
14-15 Jan 1, 2021 May 5-6 Eilat, Israel
16-17 Jan 11, 2023 May 7-8 Jericho, West Bank
18 Jan 18, 2023 May 9 Visit Auschwitz
20 Jan 28, 2023 May 11 Visit Auschwitz
24-28 Dec 18, 2021 May 15-19 Jerusalem
30-33 Jan 6, 2021 May 21-24 Whitmore Lake, MI, USA

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