The Number Three - Part II Ten days later on January 28 – day 777 since God inspired this trip on December 13, 2020, He brought Auschwitz to mind for a 49th time, and I was led to May 11, 2023 as the date to visit it. As it turned out, May 11 falls exactly 7 weeks to the day since the start of the Jewish religious year on March 23 (Nisan 1 – as mandated in Exodus 12:2). This was the seventh location that God had added to this trip. It was also now the third visit to Auschwitz on the same trip, falling on the third day since the last one. This visit was inspired on the 6th of Shevat in the Hebrew calendar, and as it happens, there was one other visit to Auschwitz that God also inspired on the 6th of Shevat exactly two Hebrew years earlier (January 19, 2021). These two visits were inspired 33 visits apart (The 16th and 49th respectively), and were to occur almost precisely 33 months apart (May 11, 2023 – February 10, 2026). Until this new visit was inspired, the 16th visit that God inspi
The Number Three On January 11, 2023 – 389 days or the 390th day since God inspired the last destination on this trip, He inspired me to choose a date to stay in Jericho in the West Bank. I was led to May 7–8, 2023, just under four months away. One week later on January 18, God brought Auschwitz to mind for a 48th time, and I was led to May 9, 2023 as the date to visit it – exactly 111 days or precisely 3 months and 3 weeks away! Remarkably, May 9 is Lag Ba’Omer – the 33rd day of the Omer – the 50-day count between the Feast of First Fruits and the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot), or Easter and Pentecost in Christianity. So, God inspired this visit to Auschwitz exactly 3 months and 3 weeks out from the 33rd day of the Omer in Judaism! But, the coincidences (they’re not coincidences) didn’t end there! This visit to Auschwitz occurs precisely three years to the day since my 3rd visit to Auschwitz on May 9, 2020! (Or 3 years and 3 days in the Hebrew calendar). And to top it off, the trip was cur
California Flooding and Atmospheric Rivers Here is an update to my previous post on December 6, 2022: “As it happened, the State of California, USA, was hit by a series of “atmospheric rivers” beginning on December 26, 2022 – three-and-a-half years since setting my Elijah challenge! Much of the state received significant portions of their annual rainfall within the next few weeks. California had been suffering from a severe drought for the last several years. Many parts of the state suffered flooding from late-December 2022 to mid-January 2023. It is ironic then that these weather events should begin three-and-a-half years since setting my Elijah challenge, which was the length of Elijah’s drought, which also ended with a great rainfall! (1 Kings 18:45)” June 26, 2019 – Dec 26, 2022 = 3.5 years.
Baptism & The Number 777 (2 minute read) "One week later on January 4, just before midnight – day 777 since inspiring my July 14, 2022 visit to Auschwitz – I was about to make another interesting discovery. Some months earlier, I had worked out that there were exactly 500 days between my first and third proposed baptisms that God had inspired – neither of which I was actually baptised on! (February 18, 2021 – July 3, 2022). This seemed somewhat unusual to me at the time, but I couldn’t figure out what it meant, so just put it aside for the meantime. Fast forward to the early hours of January 5, 2023, and I made an interesting discovery! Because the number 777 had been on my mind lately, I wondered what date it would be on day 777 since my first proposed baptism. Actually, my first thought was what date it would be exactly 777 days since my first proposed baptism, but day 777 turned out to be more interesting! It turned out that day 777 since my first proposed baptism on Februa
Another interesting development.   God got me to sit down at my computer this morning and scroll through my book. As a result, I made this discovery!   July 14, 2022 – the day I was due to depart Israel and visit Auschwitz – exactly 70 weeks since the 70th day of the year, was also exactly 3.5 years to the day since God got me to put up a quote about Elijah on my website (1 Kings 18:43-44) – about the end of the 3.5 year drought in Israel!   Joe Biden’s main work in Israel was on July 14, 2022.   Today, December 28, is day 770 since God inspired the July 14, 2022 visit to Auschwitz on November 19, 2020. I was also due to visit Auschwitz again today.   Oddly enough, the NZX 50 sharemarket index closed up 0.70% on July 14, 2022 – exactly 70 weeks since the 70th day of the year!   Complex? Yes! Anything to do with me? No! All God’s work. I am just trying to figure it out!  
Elijah & The Number 70 Precisely 180 days later on December 4, 2022 – the 70th day of the Jewish civil year – God added the next destination to this trip; Jerusalem. The dates I was led to choose were December 26–27, the day before my next visit to Auschwitz. December 26th was an interesting date for me, because it fell exactly three-and-a-half years to the day since setting my Elijah challenge. The significance of the number ‘three-and-a-half’ is threefold. As it relates to Elijah, the drought that he brought upon Israel lasted 3.5 years (Luke 4:25; James 5:17). Some say that Jesus’s ministry lasted 3.5 years; and the Great Tribulation is also said to last 3.5 years (that being the latter half of Daniel’s 70th week according to Daniel 9:27). December 26th also happened to be the eighth and final day of Hanukkah in the Jewish calendar, and on a personal level, it is exactly 12 years to the day since God gave me the inspiration for my new business investing in the share market – whi
Moses, Elijah & The Number 40 Eight days later on November 27, 2020 – the 70th day of the Jewish civil year on Kislev 11, God brought the city of Tel Aviv to mind, so I selected some dates to stay. I was drawn to November 17–19, 2022, exactly 720 days away. It would be exactly 700 days away on December 17, which happened to be the 7th day of the 8-day festival of Hanukkah! Later that day, God prompted me to select a departure date from New Zealand, so I selected November 16 – the day before my arrival in Tel Aviv. Two hours later, I worked out that November 27 was exactly 33 weeks since Good Friday – the day that Christians mark the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Good Friday fell on April 10, 2020 – 7 months and 17 days earlier. That same day in Iran, one of their top nuclear scientists was assassinated, widely believed to be the work of Israel. This came on the 70th day of the Jewish civil year. Then there was a gap of 680 days, or 50 days short of two years, when for the first time