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Playing Lotto - Part II

"In mid-late July of 2023, a couple of interesting scenarios presented themselves. As of July 24th when I wrote this, God hadn’t prompted me to buy a ticket in the last 17 draws in a row. My next ticket would be my 70th using the number 33, if that is what God prompted me to do. And thus, it was exactly nine weeks to the day since God had prompted me to buy a ticket on the day I wrote this. If He waited one more week, my 70th ticket using the number 33, would also be played exactly 70 days since my last ticket on May 24th! So that was an interesting scenario using the number 70, which has played a pivotal role in Israel’s history. If God waited until July 31 to prompt me to buy my next ticket, the date of that draw would be August 2nd. August 2nd was an interesting date to me for a couple of reasons. First, it was Tu B’Av in the Jewish calendar – a day of love in modern Israel. Secondly, it was the day I was due to pick up a rental car in Jerusalem for an eight-day trip ending in