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Jerusalem 2029

On January 7, 2024, God brought the city of Jerusalem to mind, and I was led to March 6–7, 2029 as the dates to visit it – just over five years away. March 6th happened to be the 19th of Adar, 5789 – what would be my 52nd birthday in the Hebrew calendar, two days short of my birthday in the Gregorian calendar on March 8th. It also happened to be the 52nd overall trip that God had inspired in this series of trips. The 51st one being inspired three days earlier on January 4.  January 7 was an interesting date for God to choose to inspire this trip, for several reasons. First, it was Epiphany in the Catholic Church and some other churches, marking the visitation of the three wise men to the baby Jesus following His birth, and the revelation that He was the Son of God. It also marked the manifestation of God to the Gentiles.   There are subordinate commemorations of Jesus’s baptism, and the wedding at Cana where He turned water into wine. Secondly, it marks the main feast day of John the B

Jerusalem 2049

On January 4, 2024 at 10:26 a.m., God brought the King David Hotel in Jerusalem to mind, and I was led to August 17–20, 2049 as the dates to stay. This fell about 25 years and 7 months away! Whether God intends me to go on that trip or not, or whether I will still be alive at that point is moot! If I am still alive in the year 2049, I would be just under 72-and-a-half years old at that point. Quite feasible that I would still be alive in 2049, although it’s not guaranteed. In fact, I would be precisely 3,780 weeks old on August 17, 2049, as both dates fall on a Tuesday. I was born on Tuesday, March 8, 1977, after nightfall. As it happens, August 17, 2049 is the 3rd day of the 33rd week of the year (ISO week numbering), and it falls exactly 28 years to the day since another one of my trips was due to begin on August 17, 2021 (2nd “Noah’s Flood” trip). That too fell on the 3rd day of the 33rd week of the year (ISO week numbering). There was a third additional trip that was also due to de