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John the Baptist & Elijah

"It wasn’t until nearly three years later that I would discover something interesting about the date that this trip was inspired on. September 23 happens to be the Conception of St. John the Baptist in the Orthodox church calendar, occurring about 9 months to the day prior to the celebration of his birth on June 24. So the theme of baptism, new life, the number 18 and chai continued with the very date this trip was inspired on! The fact that this trip was inspired exactly five months to the day since I was due to arrive in Israel on April 23rd on my Passover trip, is also interesting, because in the biblical account, Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, hides herself away for five months after becoming pregnant with him! (Luke 1:24). Three days later on June 24, 2023 – the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, I made another remarkable discovery! Not only was this trip inspired on the Conception of John the Baptist, but my departure date from New Zealand to Israel would occur on

July 29, 1942: Eduard Schulte and Heinrich Himmler

Ten days later on June 5, I made another interesting discovery. While watching a documentary on the rise of the Nazis, it suddenly crossed my mind to check if anything significant happened at Auschwitz in 1942, given that the first visit on October 7 was the 19th chronological, and 42nd inspired visit to Auschwitz respectively. Putting those two numbers together, you get the number 1942. As it happens, 1942 was a significant year indeed. According to the official Auschwitz memorial website, 1942 was the year that mass gassing of Jews began at Auschwitz. More importantly, however, in this context, on July 29, 1942, prominent German industrialist Eduard Schulte leaked information to the Allies about the Nazis plan to exterminate all the Jews in Europe, known as the “Final Solution”. Schulte is considered one of the first people to inform the west about Germany’s plans for the Jews. What is interesting about that, is that July 29 was the very date that God inspired this visit to Auschwit