Jerusalem 2029

On January 7, 2024, God brought the city of Jerusalem to mind, and I was led to March 6–7, 2029 as the dates to visit it – just over five years away.

March 6th happened to be the 19th of Adar, 5789 – what would be my 52nd birthday in the Hebrew calendar, two days short of my birthday in the Gregorian calendar on March 8th. It also happened to be the 52nd overall trip that God had inspired in this series of trips. The 51st one being inspired three days earlier on January 4. 

January 7 was an interesting date for God to choose to inspire this trip, for several reasons. First, it was Epiphany in the Catholic Church and some other churches, marking the visitation of the three wise men to the baby Jesus following His birth, and the revelation that He was the Son of God. It also marked the manifestation of God to the Gentiles.  

There are subordinate commemorations of Jesus’s baptism, and the wedding at Cana where He turned water into wine.

Secondly, it marks the main feast day of John the Baptist in the Orthodox Church, and for those parts of the Orthodox church still using the Julian calendar, it is the day when Christmas falls in the Gregorian calendar (January 7). 

It is also the day 11 years earlier when I started writing a timeline of all the things that God had done in my life, which formed the basis of my personal website, and ultimately, this book.

Ten days later on January 17, I made another interesting discovery. Given that this was the 52nd overall trip that God had inspired, coinciding with my 52nd birthday in the Hebrew calendar, I decided to see what date it would be 52 days from when this trip was inspired. That led me to February 28, 2024, or the 19th of Adar I, 5784 – what would be my 47th birthday in the Hebrew calendar! (Adar I is an extra month added in leap years, followed by Adar II). This means that in a leap year, someone born in the month of Adar (the 12th month), can celebrate their birthday twice in both Adar I and Adar II!

February 28th happened to be one day after my last trip was due to end on February 27, and precisely 50 days since it was due to begin on January 9, 2024. Fifty-two days is equivalent to 1,248 hours, and thus, 7:57 p.m. on February 28th would be equivalent to precisely 1,250 hours since this trip was inspired on January 7th. 

Given the significance of the number 1250 to me (the number God told me my website was worth to the company that He intended to buy it), I decided to subtract 1,250 days from February 28th, and see if there was any significance to it. As it happened, there was!

February 28, 2024 minus 1250 days brings you to September 26, 2020 – 7 years to the day since God got me to send an email to that company entitled “Destruction”. The one I didn’t want to send! September 26, 2020 was the 8th day of Tishrei in the Hebrew calendar, or the 8th day since Rosh Hashanah (Jewish civil New Year) and the Feast of Trumpets. In addition, I was due to be visiting Auschwitz on that day for a fourth (hypothetical) time – a visit that was inspired about five months earlier on Easter Sunday (April 12, 2020) for my “Elijah’s Cup” trip. 

Five days before I was due to visit Auschwitz, I noticed they had added a new tour time slot at 12:50 p.m. for September 26th – only one of two tours available at that time. The other one was for the previous day.

Thus, February 28th, 2024, represented a number of interesting coincidences:

  1. It was my 47th birthday in the Hebrew calendar
  2. It would be 1,250 hours since inspiring this trip on January 7, 2024 at 5:57 p.m.
  3. It would be 1,250 days since September 26, 2020 / 8 Tishrei, 5781, 7 years to the day since sending an email entitled “Destruction” on September 26, 2013 / 22 Tishrei (8th Day of Assembly)
  4. It would be 1,250 days since my 4th hypothetical visit to Auschwitz on September 26, 2020, on which a new tour was added at 12:50 p.m.

The day I discovered all this – January 17, 2024 – was precisely 6 weeks out from February 28th, and exactly 1,666 days since setting my “Elijah Challenge” on June 26, 2019. Whether the two things are related or not, only time would tell.

Two days later on January 19, I made another interesting discovery!

February 28, 2024 would also be precisely 33 weeks to the day since running out of money on July 12, 2023. Given the significance of the number 33 to me (33 years and 33 days old on the day I was inspired to visit Israel for the first time), and seemingly the significance to God (Jesus may have been around 33 years old at the time of His crucifixion/resurrection), this added to the list of things occurring on February 28th.

January 19, 2024 was precisely 40 days out from February 28th when I discovered this.

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