July 29, 1942: Eduard Schulte and Heinrich Himmler

Ten days later on June 5, I made another interesting discovery. While watching a documentary on the rise of the Nazis, it suddenly crossed my mind to check if anything significant happened at Auschwitz in 1942, given that the first visit on October 7 was the 19th chronological, and 42nd inspired visit to Auschwitz respectively. Putting those two numbers together, you get the number 1942.
As it happens, 1942 was a significant year indeed.

According to the official Auschwitz memorial website, 1942 was the year that mass gassing of Jews began at Auschwitz. More importantly, however, in this context, on July 29, 1942, prominent German industrialist Eduard Schulte leaked information to the Allies about the Nazis plan to exterminate all the Jews in Europe, known as the “Final Solution”. Schulte is considered one of the first people to inform the west about Germany’s plans for the Jews.
What is interesting about that, is that July 29 was the very date that God inspired this visit to Auschwitz, occurring precisely 70 days later on October 7.

Furthermore, in Schulte’s report, he mentions that Heinrich Himmler – head of the SS, and considered the main architect of the Final Solution, was present at the killing of 499 Jews at Auschwitz in July, using Zyklon-B – the gas used to exterminate them. What is interesting about that, is that Heinrich Himmler was born on October 7, 1900 – the very day I was due to visit Auschwitz some 122 years later!

So there were two dates that I knew nothing about when God inspired this visit, but both had significant meaning relating to Auschwitz and the Holocaust.

Originally, this visit was the 15th to occur in chronological order, but because God added a further four visits after this one that were to occur prior to it, it became the 19th instead. Thus, it was the 19th in chronological order, but the 42nd inspired visit. If this visit didn’t become the 19th to occur, then these two dates would have remained a mystery to me.

Another significant event occurred on October 7, 1944 – Himmler’s 44th birthday, with the revolt of the Jewish Sonderkommando – Jewish prisoners who were forced to work in the crematorium to dispose of other Jews who had been killed in the gas chambers. Upon learning that the majority of them were going to be killed, they rose up and set fire to a crematorium at Auschwitz, attacked SS guards, and attempted to escape. The revolt was ultimately put down, and hundreds were killed that day. Their original intention was to blow up the gas chambers and crematorium with smuggled in gun powder, but having learned that they were going to be liquidated, they launched the revolt instead, on what happened to be Himmler’s birthday.

CIInspired:Hebrew Date:Visit:Hebrew Date:
1942Fri, Jul 29, 2022*2 Av, 5782Fri, Oct 7, 202212 Tishrei, 5783
2650Fri, Apr 21, 2023*1 Iyyar, 5783Fri, May 26, 20236 Sivan, 5783

C = Chronological order
I = Inspired order
* = After Nightfall.

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